Jul 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Meagan!

Meagan had a super sweet second birthday! We spent Wednesday morning at the Children's Museum, where Meagan loved trying on costumes. That afternoon, we ventured to the Incredible Pizza Company, where Greg was thrilled to discover they served Mr. Gatti's pizza (his favorite). Meagan had a great time riding the carousel, go-carts, and jumping in the moon bounce. We finished the night off with ice cream, presents, and a ride on her new tricycle.

Saturday morning was her Elmo party, and all of her friends from school and Little Gym came. Cousins "Oatmeal" (Neill) and Olivia drove over from Little Rock, and our friends Lana and Jim made the trip with their daughter Bella Cate. Meagan and her long-time boyfriend, Gabriel, took turns licking icing off the cupcakes and chasing ducks. When Elmo arrived, Meagan ran out to hug him and brought him back to the party. Finally, Meagan (and of course Gabe) sat down to some ice cream, spilling a huge chocolate puddle on the ground. Meagan slipped off the bench and fell head-first into the puddle, covering herself from head to toe. Shortly afterward, she decided she needed the bubble machine, and pulled it off the ledge directly onto her head. She got bubble solution all over her face and Greg frantically splashed her with water, which only made it bubble up more! They left to go home and take a bath, while my parents, Jeff, and Neill stayed and helped clean up.

All in all, it was a great celebration with a very messy ending!

(Oh, and little sis Savannah loved it, too!)

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